It's Kind of My Thing.

If you work in video games long enough, you notice some patterns. And me, because I’m a picky, visual sort of person, I notice the patterns in how people dress more than anything.

The first thing you notice is that the dress code in game studios is somewhat...casual. If you see someone in the office wearing a tie, they’re either here  for a job interview, or taking a half day to go to their grandma's funeral.

And don’t get me wrong - I’m eternally grateful for this. My coffee budget is bigger than my clothing allowance. And even though I’m pretty sure I’m devastatingly handsome in a suit, I'd hate to be disappointed  by testing the theory.

The next thing you notice is the commitment some people have to an article of clothing. Or lack thereof. It seems as though once someone locks into a look, it becomes their “thing”. Forever. The thing that defines them. They become “That Hat Guy”. Or "Shorts Guy".

This phenomenon seems to be specific to video games. I’ve never come across this in a hospital:



And so, here are a few of the sub-genres of clothing “things” I’ve encountered in games. I was GOING to say more about them, but it’s dawning on me that I still work in games. so it’s probably best I keep my mouth shut.

Hat Guys

There are all kinds of Hat Guys, ranging from the everyday (ballcap dudes, front- and back-facing) to the exotic (bowler hats -yes. Bowler hats).


Socks Guy


Sock Guy seems pretty harmless, until it dawn on you that he wears socks EVERYwhere...

24/7/365 Shorts Guy

And finally...Shorts Guy. Shorts Guy is the most impressive of the bunch. You will never see Shorts Guy in a pair of pants. His family can't remember a time when he wasn't baring his knees. He got MARRIED in those shorts, buddy. He attended the birth of his children in them. He's worn them through 8 blizzards. He is Shorts Guy. He is a rock. 

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